direction for next project

As I think through this next project I'm trying to be aware of my messaging. Trying to balance experimental exercises with qualitative thought. My first thoughts are to collect trash and debris coming into Reedy Creek and analyze them. Iā€™d like to take a stance on the effects our waste have on the environment and how we look at disposable packaging and ephemera. I decided to take a quick trip to the concrete canal to observe the area and collect any information I could. As I suspected I noticed a lot of from run off drainage. 

Lots of plastic was present as I guessed. It was interesting to see how nature was depicting it's runoff channels into the canal. Countless times I noticed scenes like this where water would rush through the fence during storms and what was left would be remanence like the image above. I encountered a lot of purpose built runoff channels through my walk.  

I managed to walk to one edge of where the natural creek stops and the concrete infrastructure begins. This area was especially odd. It was polar opposites from one side of the dividing line to the other. I heard birds, saw insects and even fish were swimming right up to where the concrete began. It was amazing to notice the sensory differences. The canal up until this point was a desert.