valuable information from reedy creek

The field trip to Reedy Creek clarified the concern local residence have about the proposed project. This trip was valuable in understanding the watershed, its history and the current issues. During the field trip I found myself constantly thinking about creating an installation in or around the creek. As our guide continued to talk (forgot his name) about the impact humans have had on this creek I kept thinking of our wasteful society and what we dispose of. I am no supreme being when it comes to recycling, reclaiming materials, nor do I hold the answer to fix the problem of waste in our society. I'd like to think I'm conscious of it more than most people. 

A LOT of what we throw away never makes it to a designated 'okay' space to discard waste material. Garbage bags break, the wind blows waste out of the back of a truck, people miss the trash can when tossing something away. I'd be curious to see how much trash gets deposited into Reedy Creek and possibly try to figure out where that material is coming from. Initially I thought of trying to create some type of trash collection mechanism to collect pieces without disrupting wildlife. I'm not sure what form that could take. 

I doubt anybody comes to 'properly' dispose of the waste that accumulates in this hidden trashcan. 

I'm still culminating ideas and how to move forward. I'd like to focus on the waste after consumption in some respects. I think the possibilities are endless with this topic. I'd like to chart reoccurring materials that I see to either find a solution, or draw attention to these materials and their waste and the impact they're having locally. 

Foam lodged in between a two trees in the distance. 

Foam lodged in between a two trees in the distance. 

paper out of trash- adding this idea here so I don't forget.