Examining My Two Images

On first glance it looks obvious that someone tied an extending limb to what can be considered the main trunk of this small tree. With this human interference of a natural organism we question why it was done in the first place. One of the first reasons I can think a person would do this is to better the trees life. Someone obviously planted this tree here and wanted it to survive. Maybe they thought by supporting a main branch from the trunk it would lesson the burden on the tree. The choice of material suggest the owner didn't want to harm the tree, only aid it in growth.

Another stance on the subject would be to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The owner of this tree wasn't happy with how the tree was growing and wanted to change the natural direction of the tree to make it more pleasing to humans. It's possible that the tree was infringing on the territory of another shrub or plant. I find it odd that we plant trees for their natural beauty, only to reshape them into our vision. In my opinion shaping a tree shows power and authority. Not only to the tree that's shaped but to pedestrians. Having a manicured lawn designed in a specific way shows that the owners have somewhat disposable time and or money.  

This image is doubled-sided when discussing human interference with the natural environment. The probability of humans placing the once existent tree in this spot is high. It served a purpose to shade and beautify the landscape where it was put, from what I gathered at the site. As time went on the tree grew and became less manageable for us to maintain. A human decided the tree had interfered too much with the surroundings that we consider crucial to human life. From what I can tell these power lines are still in use. They intersect and junction from house to house along the street. What I find captivating in this image is the fight back the tree exerted. I can only guess the reason for this situation is that it was too dangerous to remove this remaining limb that had gotten lodged in the wires. The possibility of breaking these powerful wires or hurting ones self was probably too great. I find it counter productive that all this effort was spent to remove this tree but yet the task wasn't fully completed. 

Other circumstances may have called for the tree to be removed, not jus the power lines. It seemed as if the tree was placed very close to house. Foundational damages may have been occurring from the root system of the tree. It's possible that the tree was shading the side of the house and causing excess moisture that was ruining the brick or paint. All of these factors added up and eventually gave way to the elimination of a mature tree.