Working Proposal for Project 2

 I plan to develop a context around disposable goods and their immediate impact. Disposable products or the concept of the ‘single use’ product was developed for ease, convenience and sanitary reasons. These materials originally intended and marketed to keep us safe and promote a higher quality of life are beginning to have detrimental effects. Throughout the 20th century these products began being integrated into everyday life. We often don’t think twice about the use of these items. Lots get recycled, but many do not. These items end up contaminating public spaces, water and cause a threat of infection if interacted with them.


In the case of Reedy Creek, storm water often carries trash and debris displaced by humans or other acts. This has a direct relation to water quality issues. From my observation, a lot of this waste is single use material.


To bring awareness to this issue of single use items I propose a part clean up initiative, part micro experiment, part installation investigating what happens to these products when they end up in our water systems. My plan is to combine these materials into permeable bags, after collection, for a prolonged period of time (2 weeks) and perform a simulated rain when a natural rain occurs. This would entail me pouring water onto these bags. The water that passes through the material will be collected and visually represent the contaminants in the water. By hosting these bags in a public space I invite bystanders to interact with them and recognize the redundancy of materials we toss away. These materials leach chemicals into our streams and act as breeding grounds for contamination and disease. The exact opposite for what they were intended to do.


Additional material would be supplied relating to the topics of production of these materials, impact on the environment and ways to reduce the usage of these materials.


I’m asking people to consider what you purchase and how you use it and if theirs a better alternative.