reflection on our field trip

I've made several trips back to Reedy Creek during our time spent with this project. The most interesting was the last group visit we had. It was really interesting to view Reedy Creek through the lens of our current discussion. Noticing all of the alterations of the creek was really valuable. I don't think I would have noticed as much if it was such a current topic. Everything from the concrete tunnels, lake dam, bridges, placed rocks and pathways makes me consider how much we've altered these "natural" landscapes. I'm curious to what what we perceive as natural and human-made.

I think an interesting place to observe is the ground we walk on. Often altered by humans in someway or another it tells a story about that specific spot. I'm still very much interested in what we leave behind and our impact of purchasing these disposable materials for short term use. I've found a recent link between the natural landscape and the human made landscape of garbage and trash. These textures mimic the ground in quiet comparable manners. 

I'm further investigating these textures to draw a comparison and ask the question what's natural and what's human-made. I'd like to present these photographs on a large scale and use distance and perception to question what is what.